School of LAW

School of Law

Courses and Specific Educational Objectives

Courses and Specific Educational Objectives

The Course of Advanced Legal Studies

This cource offers an education in fundamental legal concepts and
subjects covering such topics as Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Criminal
Law, Jurisprudence, Anglo-American Law and Legal History so that
students can prepare to enter the law school or graduate programms of
law and polotics.

The Course of Business Law Studies

This course examines legal concepts necessary to understand civil and commercial law, international business law, and international trade and financial law as well as foreign languages. Students develop a set of legal skills that serves as the foundation for understanding legal systems, interpreting laws and settling legal disputes while gaining specialized knowledge in specific fields of law such as constitutional law, criminal law, and criminal procedure, civil law, commercial law, and civil procedure.

The Course of Public Law & Policy Studies

The main focus of this course is to understand public law such as constitutional law and administrative law within a given societal framework. In order to prepare for careers as public servants, students learn about policy formation by taking classes in policy processes, public administration and welfare policy etc. and by studying about the dynamics of domestic and international politics and their impact on legal systems.